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On March 7-8, 2019, the annual ESSO course on Minimally Invasive Gastrectomy and Esophagectomy will be once again organized in Utrecht. The program consists of scientific lectures in the morning, followed by hands-on sessions in the afternoon. Robotic elements will be extensively addressed during this course. For more information or to register, click here.

On 28-30 November 2018, a course on Minimally Invasive Esophagectomy will be organized by the departmentof Cardiothoracic Surgery of the University of Pittsburgh (chairman: James Luketich). Richard van Hillegersberg, Peter Grimminger, Edward Cheong, and Blair Marshall will be part of the invited faculty.  Click here to visit the website.

The ROBOT-trial, which compared robot-assisted minimally invasive esophagectomy (RAMIE) versus open esophagectomy, has been published in the Annals of Surgery. RAMIE is superior to open esophagectomy regarding postoperative complications, pain, length of hospital stay, and quality of life. Lymph node yield and radicality rate are comparable.

The second UGIRA meeting was organized in Vienna during the congres of the International Society for Diseases of the Esophagus (ISDE) on September 17th, 2018. During this, meeting, the first results from the UGIRA Registry were presented and the future directions of the society were discussed.  Click here for the minutes.

On May 31st 2018, the first UGIRA meeting was organized in London during the congress of the European Society for Endoscopic Surgery (EAES). It was a great success thanks to all the inspiring presentations and discussions. The next meeting will be organized during the congres of the International Society for Diseases of the Esophagus (ISDE). Click here for the minutes of the meeting.

Together with a patient, Peter Grimmminger elaborated on esophageal cancer and the principles of robotic surgery during the television show ‘Volle Kanne’. The show was broadcasted by ZDF network, which is a German national tv station.  Click here to see the video (in German).

In January 2018, Asif Chaudry had the honour of welcoming Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, to The Royal Marsden in London. Prince William has been the President of The Royal Marsden since 2007 and visits the hospital regularly. This time he observed a robot-assisted esophagectomy that was performed for esophageal cancer.  More information can be found here.