Surgeons with a focus on robotic esophagogastric surgery are potentially eligible for UGIRA membership. At this moment, UGIRA does not have opportunities for surgical residents. 

Membership of UGIRA is principally based on a multilevel system. Senior Members are able to perform research with the data that are collected in the UGIRA Registry and can participate in discussions regarding the future directions of the society.

  1. Trainee Member
    Surgeons who are starting a UGIRA proctoring program for robotic esophageal and/or gastric surgery can become a Trainee Member. This implies that the UGIRA training pathways that involve proctoring by experienced peers are followed. 
  1. Senior Member
    Senior Membership can be attained after succesful completion of the Training Member phase. At least 50 prospective procedures must be entered in the Registry and an unedited surgical video should be shared in order to become a Senior Member. These 50 procedures can involve 50 robot-assisted esophagectomies for esophageal cancer, 50 robot-assisted gastrectomies for gastric cancer, or 50 robot-assisted procedures for benign disease of the esophagus or stomach.

For more information on how to join UGIRA, please contact us (